Ova Lofts

About the Project

REAL Estate / Ova Lofts
Located in the cultural district of Fountain Square in Indianapolis, IN, Ova Lofts is a boutique style salon suites concept. Turning a two story home into 5 beauty salon suites that will be available to rent by local small businesses. Currently undergoing the construction process, it will be featured on HGTV’s Good Bones.

Project Partners

Alysse Popov

Alysse is the owner and operator of Ova Brands. Alysse provides esthetician services of eyelash extension and microblading, as well as private training to students pursuing a career in esthetics. She has now partnered with Dream Big Group in this Boutique Salon Loft Concept, providing an intimate forward-thinking concept for local small businesses to lease out space.