About the Project

REAL Estate / Short-Term Rental
A beautiful, historical landmark being updated and renovated for both short-term and long-term condo rentals. Tucked away in a charismatic corner of the city, giving visitors the truly unique New Orleans experience. Will be available for rentals beginning October 2021.

Project Partners

Partner: David Fuselier

David Fuselier has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry. He began his career as a structural engineer. David worked for four years designing large, offshore oil structures in the Gulf of Mexico and manufacturing plants and transport docks along the Mississippi River. Over time, and with the background of his family construction business, David has turned into one of the youngest and most ambitious real estate developers in the City of New Orleans. He has developed many residential properties throughout the City from ground up some of which involved complex historic renovations. In the same neighborhood as the proposed hotel, he purchased half a city block and re-subdivided in to 12 single family homes.. He bought 4 buildings in the French Quarter on the same block, and developed one into a champagne bar for a tenant, a single family home. He is currently redeveloping 4 buildings in the Central Business District, near the Superdome, into boutique hotels.